Symptoms of gout.

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Severe pain in the joints. Especially the big toe It is the most common symptom of gout. But in some people, symptoms may occur at other joints in the body as well. Such as ankles, elbows, knees, hand bone joints or wrists.

The pain is intense for the first 4–12 hours. Then becomes less painful and gets better within 7–10 days. But in some cases it may last for days to weeks. The symptoms of gout occur suddenly. Especially at night, in a timely manner until it is treated. 

There are also other symptoms that can occur, such as UFABET

  • The joint becomes inflamed and infected. It can occur with just one joint or many joints. causing the skin in that area to be red, swollen, red, and burning
  • Difficulty in movement due to joint stiffness which is a signal indicating the increasing severity of the disease
  • The skin around the joints peels or itches after the disease improves.

However, those who have gout symptoms should see a doctor immediately if they have a fever or severe joint pain. causing the skin to swell red and burn. Because of allowing the disease to develop without proper treatment. It can lead to chronic pain and joint damage.