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Know the condition “eating because of stress”, its causes

Know the condition of “eating because of stress“, its causes and possible dangers. Have you ever wondered why when you feel bored or lonely or sad or sometimes just bored? To make us feel like we want more food than before. I want to find something to

Does quitting drinking “coffee” really give you a “headache”?

Does quitting drinking “coffee” really give you a “headache”? People who are addicted to coffee must drink every morning. Or maybe several glasses a day. But it should be well known that drinking a lot May have negative effects on the body So I tried to stop drinking. But quitting

How to eat to reduce “high blood pressure”?

How to eat to reduce “high blood pressure“? high blood pressure It is often a common disease of people who are getting older. Due to increasing age Food that cannot be eaten to your heart’s content like in the past Reduced energy metabolism from daily activities. and various chronic diseases.