Benefits of Bananas.

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Bananas are native to Southeast Asia but now grow in many warm climates around the world. They’re an excellent choice if you’re interested in adding more healthy fruits to your diet.

May support digestive health.

Dietary fiber has been linked to many health benefits, including improved digestion.

Resistant starch, the type of fiber found in unripe bananas, is a prebiotic. Prebiotics escape digestion and end up in your large intestine, where they become food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut (probiotics).

What’s more, pectin — a fiber found in both ripe and unripe bananas — may help prevent constipation and soften stools UFABET

Some test-tube studies even suggest that pectin may help protect against colon cancer. Although further research in humans is needed to learn more about this possible benefit.

May aid weight loss.

No study has directly investigated the effects on weight loss. However, bananas have several attributes that could make them a weight-loss-friendly food.

Bananas have relatively few calories — just over 100 calories in an average banana — but are nutritious and filling.

They’re also packed with dietary fiber and resistant starch, which may help you feel full longer and therefore reduce the frequency and size of your meals.

If you’d like to include unripe bananas in your diet, try using them as you’d use plantains.